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I am so new to FORUMS. Pardon dumb-bunny me please if I have already sent the following. 


PHANTOM PHRED kept tipping over on landind.  Call it poor piloting.  A wider base made from hardware store yardsticks helped here 

Had to build my own case since I wanted to keep the prop guards attached.  Box is HEAVY pine from mil surplus artillery munitions transport cases.  Two cases  stuck together ( ~ 25 x 25 x 10 inches ).  Case weight sand drone is 42 pounds !!!  Orange and black take-off / landing pad attaches to case top.  Pad is fitted with metal leg mounts to allow pad to stand-alone as LZ or field work surface.  Pad is  about three feet off the ground  and is fitted with recessed bubble level and compass to assist with Drone Ops.  Next will be a Computer Ops desk for controlling PHANTOM PHRED when remote telemetry sends back environmental data. Telemetry via VERNIER LABQUESTmini ( http:/) ).




PhredBox2w (1).jpg


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