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I was Scanning over a few articles and I was woundering about the CW/CCW  Orientation of the Props on my WL Toys V959 quad , I notices that the angle of the blades. the upwards edge of the blades face out not turning in toward the front of the Chopper and Duhn! Duhn!! Duuuuhhhhnn !! IS this Why all of my props are wrong, and could this be why my Flying practice has been so Diffucult ? In reverse you might say!! WOWW!! How Embarressing! somebody please straighten me OWT! Please !

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Thank You Spitfire!!

This is now going to change the way everything responds and now I need to learn to Fly all Over Again ! but I would never have known if it were not for you guys,  gatta get some batteries and ill let you know how it goes ..

Thanks again Spitfire

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