Anyone Get Auth Deviating From Facility Map Altitude?


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I want to take some Commercial Real Estate Photos at 75ft in a 0 altitude facility map section.  It's about 1.2 miles from an airport runway (class C airspace) but it's not in the approach or takeoff path.  Now we all know, common sense tells us, if an airplane is flying below 100 feet where there are 8 story buildings, especially if it's not in the landing or takeoff path, then you have much bigger problems than a drone.  

Is it impossible to get auth?  Does anyone really know?


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I have gotten that many times!  I live about 1.8 miles from the threshold of a runway and I am directly under the approach.  The grids are 0 feet all around me.  I started out with several requests at 50 feet and all were approved.  I then went to 75 feet and again all were approved.  Most recently I went for 95 feet and again, approved.  And these approvals typically are sent to me in no more than 36 hours.  Never been denied as yet.  Put in for another 95 footer today late afternoon - I'll let you know when I get it.  My area falls under JAX ARTCC.  Keep in mind, my airport is non-towered and the airspace is Class E Surface.


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There is a problem with requests in Class B and C airspace (close in to a major commercial airport), not so much because of the aircraft, but also ground electronic equipment. All aircraft, even ones with people in them are restricted in their operations around major airports to prevent interference with the ground electronic equipment. 

This type of request will have to go through many FAA divisions for approval and will never be granted to someone without a specific NAS reason. A LAANC can not be used in this case. It would have to be made in writing and be approved by more than one division. It would be like asking to fly around the White House, it could happen, but most likely not. I have to leap through flaming hoops riding a tiger to fly in that area.

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