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Covers on terminals are at your discretion.  I have flown on all major airlines across 8 different countries, as long as you have your batteries in your carry on you should have no issues.  I usually travel with 5 batteries (Mavic) and never been questioned by TSA or foriegn customs/ security.

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Just flew AeroMexico first week of November and they said no Lipo drone batteries in carry on. Called twice and talked to superviser and same answer (in broken English). I could take the drone but no batteries They said to try Areomexico cargo and maybe they would transport batteries. Theses are DJI Spark batteries! I wasn't going to chance it ( and glad I didn't after seeing the ordeal at the international desk and tsa check through, especially in Mexico) so we didn't even try. Have flown on Southwest to California and Arizona and everything was fine in carry-on. I'm sure it's fine to bring Drones to Mexico, but not on Areomexico!






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I carry the TSA set of rules as a laminated sheet re: LIPO Batteries with me, ready to show any gate or TSA agent if questioned.  I don't know why AeroMexico doesn't subscribe to TSA rules, but every carrier has the option to NOT allow batteries.  Additional to that, I carry all my batts in "fire safe" Lipo Bags, labeled:  Batteries Discharged to 30%.    

When I  fly with  my big drones and check them as baggage, invariably TSA will open the the TSA approved locks.  When they lift the lid of my wheeled large cases, there is a large  paper sheet laminated to a random FAA Sectional chart, (suggesting I am a professional) within the case: saying in block letters: :  NO BATTERIES ENCLOSED IN THIS CASE.   (with a full list of everything in the case. 

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