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Recruiting Qualified Pilots for Cell Tower Inspections in NW

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Starting a tower Inspection project this month in Washington & Oregon.  We are looking to recruit 4 - 5 qualified pilots in each state.  Cell Tower Training and recent experience a PLUS!  Equipment requirements are DJI Phantom 4 Pro, spare batteries, mobile charging capabilities and some experience in this field. Fill out the inquiry at the link below if you are interested.    Thank you.


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Hi Dan,

Everyone is out to build networks of uas ops these days.  What makes SE Drone Tech stand out?  Availability and compensation (media capture, travel, post production, etc) expected for those you choose to contract with?


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Thanks for the comment. Agreed that there are numerous network opportunities and most pilots are on many of those lists in an effort to obtain additional jobs.  The post I have is not an effort to build a network, but a request for qualified candidates for a specific job that we have in motion.  I always try and secure pilots with local knowledge and based in the area, it seems to make the projects run much smoother. If you are interested in helping out I would be glad to speak with you in person.

Thank you.

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Saw an ad from a Stockton, CA outfit the other day looking for 107 operators to use company owned or their own equipment for power line and cell tower work the other day.  The requirements were sort of similar to what's required of military drone operators; ability to be self sufficient, ability to be "deployed" for several weeks at a time, ability to work in primitive locations, etc.  The pay scale was pretty low. 

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