Buzzy the Drone: What do you think?

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In anticipation of many new (and likely very young) drone operators entering the airspace with gifted drones after the holidays, the FAA has launched a new campaign, "Buzzy the Drone."

In a press release, the FAA stated that too often they "hear sad stories about what happens when inexperienced flyers take their drone out for its first flight." Buzzy uses simple but effective rhymes to convey important safety tips, such as: “When Buzzy Goes Out for a Flight, the Number One Rule Is Keep Buzzy in Sight.”

Do you think Buzzy is a fitting representation of the drone industry? Sally the Drone Girl shared a few different opinions in her recent article, "Buzzy the Drone is FAA's New Mascot: Love it or Hate it?"

Personally, I think encouraging safety among young flyers is a good cause, but Buzzy falls a little bit short. The cartoon character Buzzy seems appropriate only for the very young operator. This would not appeal to the teen, young adult, or matured drone operator. Perhaps adults will find Buzzy a helpful tool for teaching their young child some safety principles. However, I question why the FAA chose this youthful campaign—is the 12-years-and-under group, likely flying very small and light drones under adult supervision, the most important audience for the FAA to target with safety reminders? 

What do you think of Buzzy? Sound off in the comments.



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I have two concerns with this:

  1. who is the target audience and what problem is this campaign is trying to solve
  2. what organization(s) should be producing and disseminating this information.

Obviously this has nothing to do with the commercial application of drones and I think your assesmmet of the campaign regarding consumers is spot on.  That leads to #2 (which this campaign is full of...). 

There are other “community based organizations” that are much better positioned to produce this sort of media for their memberships.  The FAA probably could have offered a grant to produce this and remained focused on the job at hand.  Maybe if the FAA would spend the additional time and resources it took to produce and distribute this commercial operators would be provided better services.  

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