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From now till Dec 12, Pre-Order PIXY F to get PIXY DAMPING FREE 😱 😱 😱

Vietnamese technology firm Gremsy wants to conquer the market for industrial-use gimbals: and their latest product is a big step in that direction.  Gremsy announces the Pixy, a professional grade gimbal with all of the features commercial pilots need.

The Pixy is designed for specific compact industrial cameras.  The initial version – the Pixy F – is designed specifically for use with the best-selling FLIR Duo Pro R, leading thermal solution for commercial drones.

The Pixy uses Gremsy’s latest technology to optimize performance: with fast and easy setup and longer flight endurance for inspection, mapping, or search and rescue missions.

Palm-sized and weighing only 360 grams, the Pixy F offers the combination of high precision and high performance with an exceptionally lightweight.  The plug-and-play integration with the FLIR Duo Pro R is designed with the single professional operator in mind.


The new gimbal features the 32-bit ARM high-speed gMotion Controller to allow for fast response and an accurate altitude estimation.  The addition of a new absolute encoder enables the gimbal’s 2s startup time and ability to detect home even with vibration. Pixy is fully compatible with Pixhawk to synchronize altitude: good news for industrial experts flying with the Pixhawk flight controller.


Pixy F features include:

  • HDMI Quick Release – real-time viewing
  • Startup time within 2 seconds
  • Automatic home detection even in vibration environments
  • No balancing nor tuning required
  • Fully compatible with Pixhawk FC
  • Plug and play

Ideal for, but not restricted to, unmanned systems missions the Pixy heralds an agile approach.  The modular design and electronic layout enable operators to use the same hardware for a wide variety of missions; Pixy is fully customizable at customer request.

You can find additional information about the Pixy F here.



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