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Wonder what happened to get them to all bail on the Small UAV Coalition. I noticed that Yuneec wasn't invited to the party. Interesting that GoPro is in this group. They have yet to launch the Karma, but I suspect they'll make some waves when they eventually do (hopefully in the next few months?).

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Well, @Alan Perlman, here are my thoughts on this:

1.       Because of the lawsuit launched by DJI against Yuneeq, Yuneeq may not be feeling as collaborative with a group that includes their antagonist

2.       DJI already spans the manufacture of consumer and professional UAV’s. It makes sense 3DR jumped into this alliance as they have already stated their focus will turn to commercial applications ( and have already cut off phone support for their consumer product and have partnered with AutoDesk and Sony recently  (

3.       It also makes sense to include Parrot in the fray. Although Parrot is known for their consumer product, they are far better known for their commercial grade civil UAV’s in Europe produced under the company name Sensefly. In fact the Parrot UAV was the first UAV to be determined as compliant pursuant to Transport Canada’s airworthiness requirements. (

4.       Although Amazon and Google are backers of the Small UAV Coalition, their focus (read fight) lies in a specific direction. Because of their influence and immensity, they tend to draw attention only to their end goals rather than the overall goals of the Coalition. It makes sense to initiate a separate lobby group

5.        As far as GoPro goes. They already have a relationship with DJI products and to a greater extent 3DR. With their slide in popularity, it makes sense to align themselves with companies that may look favourably in future partnering should GoPro produce (maybe tailor-fit) a product that adds value in the commercial UAV world

Just my thoughts. Pure speculation, But sometimes I like to kick the dirt just to see what’s underneath!


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