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Season’s Greetings!

i am looking for assistance with the best app to use (other than DJI Pilot app) for autonomous flights and making maps using the ZENMUSE XT2.  Until now, I have been using the Pix4D Capture and Mapper apps, but unfortunately, PIX4D does not support the XT2.  So, although this seems like a simple question, I cannot get an answer so far from DJI.  I feel you are using the XT2 what app are you using to capture the thermal imagery?  What app are you using to process it?  

Thank you, Marty



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Hi Marty,

I am also having similar issues.   I need to know the best app for collecting the radiometric data with the ZENMUSE XT2. I am using the DJI Pilot App but think that there has to something better out there. Have you found a solution and if so can you share?


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Hi, sorry about the late response. I have not found a better alternative to the DJI Pilot App, unfortunately.  So am super cautious about the flight times.  I have no confidence in the app’s time estimate.  Usually it is off by about 40% on the low side. It completely under predicts the flight time.  So the best practice I have found is not to exceed a predicted 10 minute flight.  That usually results in a 14 - 16 minute flight, depending on env. Conditions, and you can return back before the M200 starts to act erratically due to low battery and weaker RC connection.  Let me know if you come up with a better solution.

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