Inspire 1 Prop Quick Connect Damage :-(

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Hey all question for you, was flying in the mountains and had a strong gust of wind side swipe us and we hit a tree branch and fell only 8ft or so before it was all said and done , broke all the props but one and one of the quick connects shown below are shots of good and bad. I will absolutely change all of the props and throw the one away that was part of the crash. But should I replace all of the quick connects ?? or just the one that was toast as all the other ones I have inspected and they look fine.  Just wanted to reach out for this one because the last thing I want is to have one of the others may have a small stress crack that I cant see and fail while I am in the air @ a couple hundred feet instead of a few feet.

Thanks In Advance





sheared 2.JPG

sheared off.JPG

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Safety is a paramount item for our industry to become successful and reflect good safety to our governing industry agencies. Please be safe and replace all of them including all your props.

I would rather be on the safe side and replace all 4 of them since it was involved in a crash and 75% of your props broke. Also replace the one prop that survived, you wouldn't wont it to break on a flight.

The aircraft is worthy a lot more than two set of props and connects.

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