2 video receivers possible?

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Hello, I apologize for the newbie question as I'm still fairly new to drone flying. 

How do I setup 2 video receivers, myself piloting while my spouse gets to watch on separate goggles or ideally a laptop/phone? I was underwhelmed with GoPro range limitations and short battery life. I was thinking of maybe adding ocusync air system as a secondary camera (I don't enjoy the latency it provides and heard of abrupt crashes it may cause) also of the conflict it may cause to other receivers 

Any advice will be truly appreciated, thank you


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DJI will broadcast to both the DJI headset and the controller screen. It is illegal for the UAV pilot to fly with goggles in the USA, because the pilot must stay in visual range of the UAV. 

This could change with the Epson Augmented Reality Glasses, where you can visually see the video and the UAV at the same time.

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