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Kate Stevens

Need an advice regarding accident compensation!

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Hi, I'm from Ottawa. One of my neighbour aunts met with an accident a few months ago. She already spent a considerable amount in her medical treatments. She lives alone. And my mom is the only friend she has! She is almost ok now, but lost her pet dog Jim and car! Jim died at the spot of the accident occurred. He was travelling with her. She is depressed now. Now she needs to find money for fixing her car too! She could have claimed personal insurance, but she was desperate at that time and couldn't arrange anything. My mom and I suggested her to consult any agency of car accident lawyers to file a claim! But she lost all hope as it has been six months since she met with that accident. I've done a little research on this, like about the time limits and all. I found, there are time limits on how long after an accident we have to file personal injury claims, but couldn't get any exact details! So my question is- Do we still have the option of filing a claim to get compensation even after the six months of the accident?

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Hi Kate, sorry to hear about your neighbors troubles.  

Curious why you turned to a drone forum for this advice?  

This will be a politically charged statement, but if Canada is anything like the US there should be quite a few “accident” attorneys to choose from.  Most of the time your initial consultation is to determine whether they think you have a case and is free.  If they believe you have a case most of the time they work on commission for a pretty large percentage.  I think in the US you have a year to file a claim.  

How old is your neighbor?  Even if they don’t charge money upfront this can be a time consuming and difficult process and who’s at fault, injuries, the truth really doesn’t matter.  These are all things that get adjudicated to get to a settlement and this can be very difficult for the elderly.  

Depending on how strong a case she has, sometimes attorney can arrange for compensation.  Interview a few attorneys and find one that she like and you think you can trust.  

Good luck.  I hope my neighbors come to my aid if I ever need it.


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Thank you! But I think it is a complicated task to choose the best attorney! Have already consulted a few, I haven't had any personal experience in this. Anyhow, I will move forward with this. My aunt is 60 years of age. She is very emotional nowadays. So I can't expect a suggestion from her part! I'm glad, I have got a reliable response.

And I have posted on a few forums including this. I never mind the ambiance or quantity! All I needed was a good response. I feel gained it!☺️

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