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I only just noticed that our city prohibits any form of flying, without a permit, a manned or unmanned arial vehicle in any of its parks with the exception of kites and party balloons. 

8.02.200 Park use regulations.  

A.       No person shall, unless first obtaining a permit in accordance with Section 8.02.300 of this code, within any city park:

11.     Bring, land or cause to ascend or descend or alight within a park any airplane, helicopter, flying machine, balloon (party balloons excepted), parachute or other apparatus for aviation (manned or unmanned). This provision is not intended to restrict kite flying.

It is possible to obtain a permit to fly in certain areas of 3 designated city parks.

The permit is just $5 per year but is required even if the UAV weighs under 250g.

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13 hours ago, royphotog said:

But I thought the FAA had control of the skies?

They do but I imagine that cities or states can regulate what happens on their property and of course a drone needs to take off and land somewhere. Notice the wording in that city ordinance.

17 hours ago, Spitfire76 said:

Bring, land or cause to ascend or descend


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I live in Colorado where both the state and our county (Jefferson) prohibit flying of drones in state and county parks, except in very limited locations: the RC Plane flight park.  Basically this means all parks in the area are off limits for drone flying.  National Forest lands west of Denver are open except for the usual restrictions around airports, forest fires, etc.  Interestingly, these areas do not show up on FAA's B4UFly app, I don't believe they monitor local restrictions so it is up to us as pilots to identify these further restrictions.  It is a challenge to be aware of all the rules - it would be great if one of the apps like B4UFly or Airmap could identify these restrictions.  It would also be helpful if the FAA Part 107 training materials and FAA UAS Website were more clear - currently they give the impression that if you check B4UFly and it doesn't show any restrictions, you are good to go which isn't the case for State and County parks.  Just my thoughts, here is the regulation for Jefferson County Openspace Parks:  


C.26. Missiles and Craft: C.26.a. Except as authorized by law or under this Policy, it shall be unlawful to throw, discharge, launch, operate by remote control or land any type of unmanned aircraft system (drone), missile, rocket or craft from, on or above Open Space Lands including waters. Fine: $50.00 C.26.b. Except as authorized by law or under this Policy, it shall be unlawful to launch, land or operate any piloted aircraft including, but not limited to, helicopters, airplanes, ultralights, gliders, hang gliders, paragliders, BASE jumpers, sky divers, powered parachutes or hot air balloons from, on or above Open Space Lands including waters. Fine: $200.00

FYI - the country has established a site in one of the parks for Hang Gliders and Paragliders: there is are specific launch and landing sites.  Perhaps we could get them to do the same for drones?


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