Hi everyone! Just a flyer!


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Hey folks I'm Jay, I am new to GPS / Aerial vid and photography.  I have been flying RC CP copters and quadcopters for several years.  I was always fascinated with flying stuff.  I am a line of sight guy and have no problem with orientation.  I cant even tell you how many hours I have in the air.. MANY.  After about 4 yrs of constantly flying I decided it is time to get into the footage thang...  My youngest daughter is an aspiring pro photographer which added to my realizing that there is a market for experienced UAV pilots. Yes while having fun and learning, my goal will also be to make money. I have 20 yrs experience in computer technology so I am embracing what is to come...  I have a dozen aircrafts but none equipped for footage or GPS.  I am looking at a Phantom 3 pro as a possibility for starters. Price point, features, and bang for the buck.  What do you all think?

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