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Hello community, I wanted to introduce myself.  I work in a P&C industry and my niche' has become drones!  I work with all of the aviation     carriers who are writing coverage.  It is a prudent business decision and will be increasingly be required to perform work that you have liability coverage!  Being a general agent, we can also help with professional liability, non-owned exposures, general liability, and products liability.  Please visit our site or give us a call to learn more about your UAS/UAV business!


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Coming on a little strong there, This community doesn't appreciate blatant sales offers.

Might help us out if you spent some more time crafting an educational, consultative post on this thread that added more value to the sUAS industry. More folks would pay attention, and I'd be more incentivized to promote on our end.

I won't delete this post to serve as an example to others, but if we see you spamming the community elsewhere, we'll remove you permanently.

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First, let me send my sincere apologies.  That was never my intention.  If you feel the need to delete the account, please do so.  I think if I were doing what you suggest, I would have been involved in every topic and thread spreading my name out there throughout the site.  Maybe a little conversation before such accusations.

I am not a licensed pilot, nor do I own a business offering commercial UAS services.  I do fly occasionally as a hobbyist.  So when I decided to create an account, I thought to myself " I don't have a catchy handle or why would anyone know Jeffrey Morsberger from anyone else on the site?"  How can I lend to the conversation?  What would encourage someone to start a conversation of my experiences or advice?  I decided that using our URL would do just that.  Inform people that what I bring to the table is involvement in insuring commercial UAS operations.  There aren't too many agencies out there writing or understanding this coverage, so I was just trying to be helpful.

So if I stepped over the line, again I apologize. 

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When the time comes to purchase insurance, you need to work with someone who understands UAV/UAS coverage.  If you have been in business and are adding drone services or using a drone as a tool to broaden your services, you may think your commercial policy you already have covers you.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  A standard exclusion from commercial general liability is aviation.  As we all know, UAS/UAV are still considered aircraft and thus will be excluded from coverage.  There are a few carriers writing specific UAS/UAV coverage.

A pilots license and a Section 333 are not required.  However, you need to be prepared to prove professionalism and responsibility if you do not have both.  Proving hours of flight, training, and any manuals or procedures may be required.  A licensed pilot has a lot to lose for violating FAR's and this gives the insurance carriers some peace of mind of responsible operations.  Similar to your auto insurance, there isn't a common rate that can be quoted.  Geographic location, platforms, and services you provide will all play into the premium.

Keep in mind that this is all new.  The potential for a major catastrophe at the fault of a drone exists.  There are liability limits up to $100,000,000 available.  Physical Damage or "Hull" coverage is also available.

Ask questions.  If someone seems to think this can easily be done, more than likely they are not familiar with the coverage.

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Thanks for the suggestions and parameters Jeffrey.  And thanks for leaving this thread here Alan for the benefit of others. :-)  I thought the first post was a fair professional introduction. More personal background would have helped a lot.  If every other post was direct like that, I would agree it's too pushy and needs to be more balanced with a lot more value.  Anyway, helpful feedback for others here so thanks for the community-shaping.  And community building!

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