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I've rented an area near Toronto, for my wife to open a coffee club. 

Along with the coffee shop, there is a space for customized gifts shopping. Customers can have customized stuff per order.

Currently, we're working on the interior works. The shop will be open to people in two months. My wife has already started social media promo through FB and INSTA.

As of now, we haven't got any engagements. That is not surprising anyway. 

We're planning to conduct a give away contest on the day of shop opening. I hope it can seek a few audience attention and some live engagements.

Last day I talked with my friend, One of his points strikes me like nothing. He said services have greater chances of receiving far more footfalls when tagged along with videos.

Yeah, it seems a good idea. If we could share attractive and genuine videos on social media, we can quickly convey the highlights of our products. From then I was looking for a budget video production agency near me. A few of them are reliable and affordable for small scale video production. My plan is to pep up the social media pages with the video footage of our launch party.

I've already gone through the mentioned agency site reviews and testimonials. Their works seem good. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any launch party videos! Am not ready to consult them in person until I get a clarification on their service quality.

I wish someone would help me with this!

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Is there a connection with Commercial UAS or just a general business question?  

I think using video on social media is a bit different than advertising on television or even YouTube.  It’s more about the social connection than the video production value.  There are lots of online tutorials for using cell phone’s to produce videos for FB and Instagram etc..  


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