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Greetings. I figured I would post this here. I recently inquired about Tennessee State Parks and the sUAS rules associated with them. I've seen several different blogs and chat lines that state everything from "you're permitted" to "you're going to burn in hell if you fly that thing in a state park!!". I even received a few comments on my YouTube vids in a few TN State Parks. Below is an email chain that I sent to and received back from a representative from the Tennessee State Park office in Nashville. I recently made a telephonic call and have requested a spreadsheet with all the parks points of contact so I don't have to bother them all the time. Happy flying.

Greetings to you,

My name is Charley Jordan. I'm a soldier, farmer, and owner of a sUAS photo/video gig called Flying Monkey Aerial Photography here in Clarksville, TN. I was wanting to get a clarification on conducting sUAS photography/videography in our TN State Parks. Is it prohibited and if so is there an official policy letter? Is it up to the park's ranger/administration to allow/disallow? I know that the mention of sUAS, or "drones", conjures up fears and apprehension but not all operators are idiots. We are not here to spy on your daughters through the windows or snatch your pet dog off your back porch. We are a collective group of like minded individuals who want to just enjoy our hobby, or business in my case, and capture all the wonderful sights that this great state has to offer. Thanks for your time.

Mr. Jordan,

Thank you for your interest in Tennessee State Parks. Our drone policy requires that the person contact the Park Manager where they wish to operate the device in order to get approval. If you will let me know what park you have in mind, I will be glad to give you the name and number so you can make contact.


Joe Carr

Tennessee State Parks

William R. Snodgrass TN Tower

312 Rosa L. Parks Ave.. 2nd Floor

Nashville, TN 37243


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So interesting. You shouldn't have to do that because it's public land, BUT I'm really glad you posted this. Particularly since I'm closing on a house in Nashville in a few weeks and plan to move down early next year :)

Look forward to flying with you.

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