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We Explain the FAA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)

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On Monday, January 14, the FAA shared a draft of what will be the largest and most significant regulatory update to present for drone pilots since LAANC went into effect. The FAA has proposed to make operations over people and at night legal, under certain circumstances, without a waiver.

Hip-hip-hooray! We can just hear the cheering of drone pilots across the country who’ve been waiting a long time for this kind of operational freedom and flexibility.

We've provided a complete summary of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on our blog. Read through to get an idea of how these proposed rules could change things for recreational and commercial drone pilots. 

"New FAA Rules Would Let Drone Pilots Fly at Night and Over People Without a Waiver"

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Possibly. DJI will have to submit their drones to the FAA for approval before they're allowed to be flown over people. 

The FAA says they will maintain a publicly available list of UAS that meet the criteria for flights over people. To be included on the list, manufacturers will have to submit a Means of Compliance. This means the manufacturer will need to “develop a test and present evidence to the FAA showing that the test is appropriate and accurately demonstrates compliance” (NPRM, 15).

It may be a while (possibly years) before we see any drones officially approved for flights over people under these new proposed regulations. 

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This was done by a DJI...

60+ stitches.  I don’t mind, added to my rugged good looks..  

I agree, it’s going to be a while before manufactures can comply, if ever.  It’s not like the restriction of flying over people has slowed sales of consumer drones.



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did you know the owner of the drone that did that, and was anyone charged? I am sorry that happened to you, it for sure should not have, it is the result of a drone being owned by someone that did not know what they were doing, or didnt care.

This sort of thing of course cannot be condoned, and the FAA would think hard about making rules that would prevent it. I would say also, this is the first time that I have even seen this, and someone that was hit by a drone in this manner.



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It was my drone. It just took off on its own and I wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way.  I posted it to show people how dangerous drones can be.  


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