Drones in Search and Rescue

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Do you have a drone search and rescue story? Share it with us in the comments below. 

Drones continue to assist in search and rescue missions, most recently saving a trapped hiker at Snowy Canyon in Utah.

A search and rescue team in Snowy Canyon State Park, Utah used a drone to help rescue a hiker trapped on a ledge at night earlier this month.

Using a drone to save someone’s life used to be something of a novelty. But these days, it seems like drones are being used more and more in search and rescue scenarios, and proving instrumental in those operations.

Read more stories of how drones are being used in search and rescue scenarios in "5 Stories Showcasing Ways Search and Rescue Uses Drones to Save Lives." 

Don't forget to share your drone search and rescue stories with us in the comments. 

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Here's a few from the news :) Drones were not necessarily given credit in every story, but they were considered an integral part of the SAR effort.

Drone and search dog help find missing man on family farm

Video shows how drone is helping the search for missing Andreen McDonald

Response to deadly storm is latest in the growing use of thermal-imaging drones

Woodland search in Midlothian for missing man Ross Taylor

Autistic woman in Round Rock found safe 

Calgary hunter found safe after disappearing while tracking animal

Another Life Saved by a Drone with Thermal Imaging

Community rallies to find lost rescue dog Max

The DroneUp Search and Rescue Mission at Amboy Crater

How injured border collie was found by drone

Mountain Rescue Aspen's Drone Implementation Saves Hiker's Life

Drones Saved Four People in One Day Last Week



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Are you interested in becoming a part of Operation Drone Search & Rescue


We are looking for retired firefighters, police officers, military vets and citizens who are FAA part 107 certified to help volunteer for Search & Rescue, Disasters, Infrastructure, Damage Assessment, etc missions when requested, working through a unified command system with Fire or Police Departments, Cities, Governments, FEMA and private citizens.


You do not have to be a drone pilot to join but you must be a retired firefighter, police officer, military vet’s, or citizen.


We are looking for pilots in command, visual observers, communications, logistics, PIO, webmaster or just boots on the ground.


We will set up task force around the country.


All volunteers will abide by all FAA regulations and will at no time deploy or freelance own their on.


We are looking for Volunteers in Florida at this time but will take volunteers from anywhere in the US.


Classes below should be completed within 1 year of start date.


Volunteer Requirements


Incident Commander


NIMIS FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800



Jay Manley SAR Course (Free)



Night Flying By Larry Woods Course


Pilot in Command must be FAA part 107 certified 


NIMS FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800 classes



Jay Manley SAR Course (Free)



Night Flying by Larry Woods Course


Visual Observer 


NIMIS FEMA 100, 200



Jay Manley SAR Course (Free)



Visual Observer Training by Larry Woods 


Safety Officer


NIMIS FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800



E/L 954: NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific Safety Officer



Radio Operator's


CERT Emergency Communications Module Participant Manual


Flight Release Officer

Requirements Coming Soon


Logistics Officer

Requirements Coming Soon


Financial Officer

Requirements Coming Soon




For information on any of the positions email d_saxon@operationdronesSAR.org



Edited by Dwight Saxon
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DJI drones helped track and stop the Notre Dame fire 

Source 1, Source 2video 


Gabriel Plus, a spokesperson for the fire brigade, told FranceInfo that the drone aided officials in making decisions that in turn saved the Notre Dame’s two belfries at a critical moment. He said:

“The drones allowed us to use our available means in the best possible way.”

Gabriel Plus was later reported to have said:

“It is thanks to these drones, to this new technique absolutely unavoidable today, that we could make tactical choices to stop this fire at a time when it was potentially occupying the two belfries.”

A video from the French Ministry of the Interior shows some of the drone footage as well as their operators. As we fully support female drone pilots, we’d like to point out that in one of the shots, a woman is seen holding the controls



By flying DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice M210 drones over the Notre Dame cathedral, firefighters were able to get essential data for taming the flames.

Of interest: Mavic 2 Pro , Matrice for public safety

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