DJI Mavic Pro, Extended Flight, DJI Bag + Low Pro Viewpoint Bag

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DJI Mavic Pro for sale. Includes Extended Flight Combo, The Original DJI Carrying Bag plus a $129 Lowe Pro Viewpoint Bag ($129) that is brand new.

Over $1430 of gear Total. Asking $1300 Total.

I got it to film stuff for my blog but just ended up hiring photographers as I tend to be in the videos and it's a bit hard to be both in front of + behind the camera at the same time.

I've flown this thing like two times. I have barely used it. It's in great condition and perfect for someone who wants a great machine at a discount.

Would like to do an in-person dropoff/pickup, but flexible depending on the buyer.

I will upload photos later tonight.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Thanks for posting, @Joel !

Yes, please upload photos. Love that this comes with the LowePro backpack — it's the same backpack I use with my Mavic(s) and I REALLY like how portable and easy it is.

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Hey guys,

It wasn't letting me upload the images directly, so here's the imgur link

Happy to take more if you need 'em.

Mavic Pro Bundle

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