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That's interesting.  I'm sure a lot of people will think that's a great idea and it is.  But if you have a 107, know how to fly Ardupilot and willing to stay in the field for two to three weeks at a time, we'll hire you and pay you more than DJI probably is for winning that competition.

That's a great video but it only goes to show that DJI is a consumer electronics company.  That's not to say that they can't develop great technology but they seem to really lack in the understanding of the application of the UAV for commercial purposes.  Its not about the UAV.

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It is.  

You need a Part 107.  It would be great if you have experience with Ardupilot.  

We’re starting contractors out as camera operators with the opportunity to become UAV operators once you’ve demonstrated proficiency flying our Y6’s.  

Probably the more difficult aspect of this opportunity is the length of deployment in the field.  The coverage area is from Bakersfield to the Oregon boarder and we won’t know the assignments until after each crew is trained.  Depending on how many people we hire for this project will determine how long each team will be deployed.  It could be as long as three weeks at a time.  Our SOW is until the end of April but it’s doubtful the project will be completed by then so there’s the possibility it will be extended.  

I’ll post a job description shortly.

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