FAA Calls on Drone Industry Partners to Provide Information on Remote ID

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Remote identification is an essential component of developing an unmanned aircraft traffic management system (UTM). A UTM implemented across the national air space (NAS) would allow drones to operate beyond visual line-of-sight safely, without posing risk to other unmanned and manned aircraft. In order to track the status of drones and provide that information to UTM managers, the FAA must find a way to remotely identify drones and the persons flying them.

The FAA has issued a Remote Identification Request for Information (RFI). The RFI will help the FAA select a small group of industry partners to develop a technical and legal framework for initial prototyping and testing of a remote ID system.

Companies like Google, KittyHawk, and AirMap are already at work developing remote ID solutions. See what they're up to and learn more about the FAA's RFI in "FAA Issues Request for Information (RFI) from Industry Partners Interested in Developing Remote ID and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Systems."

And please share your thoughts on the FAA’s latest remote ID and UTM initiatives in the comments below. 

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Unfortunately the NPRM for Remote ID conflates accountability with safety.  These aren’t mutually exclusive but they are often, and this case, in conflict.  

If they don’t change the language regarding law enforcement the OMB will likely kill it altogether.  The FAA cannot regulate commerce or law enforcement and as long as that’s a consideration in the NPRM it won’t happen.  

Before I get accused of being an anarchist this is not my opinion of what should happen, it’s the rules.  At issue is how does knowing the identity of the UAV operator make the NAS safer?  Again, I could see how it could but it’s not currently a requirement of GA.  

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