Introducing myself. Hello fellow pilots

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I have always been interested in remote controlled flying, but, did not get into it until now. I am new to flying. For Christmas, my daughter bought a DJI Spark for me. I am interested in learning to fly the right way, safety and within the rules. I live close to the PVD Airport in Warwick, RI. Any fellow or sister fliers in the areas feel free to contact me. 

My other interest is sail boat racing. Just club racing on Narragansett Bay. My current goal is to master the DJI Spark so I can take video and photos for this summer's club races for fun (not commercially).  The biggest challenge will be landing on a boat and getting over my fears of flying over water and having an equipment failure. :-(

Looking forward to learning more.

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Hey David,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Drones. All I can say is to practice, practice, practice. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Start off SLOW, really get to know the proper rules and regulations and learn to fly safely. The more you take it easy and really learn to appreciate your drone and what it can do, the better you will most likely be in the long run. There is no rush to do things that are riskier...experience and proper planning will mitigate unwelcome results.

Enjoy the flying and have fun.


ps... think about getting your Part 107, there is so much good that can come from it.

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Okay I have about 10 flights under my belt. Flying a dji spark so it is easy. I’m practicing practicing practicing so I can take some great pics and videos on vacations and around home. I’ve been reading a little about part 107 and some of the prep manuals show many examples of situations that apply more to small manned aircraft and many sections go into deep deep details of aviation again that sounds like smalll manned aircraft required knowledge.   Is part 107 all about that stuff or is it more about flight planning, safety , regulations, etc.  ? 

Is there a good book or ebook that lets you know what you need to learn to achieve the part 107 license ? 

Thank you 

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This site is actually amazing when you are ready. I have been on several sites and read a TON of drone material over the years. When you are really ready for the part 107, contact the owner of this forum, Alan Perlman and he can assist with courses offered at UAV Coach. I passed my 107 and am renewing it through information on the course offered here. The 107 is a nice thing to have.

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