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Hi Alan and all of you,

warm greetings from very hot Thailand.

We just uploaded our first "Property Commercial Video" and would like to get some comments. It is my first work with a Phantom 3 Advanced and my first editing with Final Cut Pro (very stiff learning curve). I tried to put in some of my ideas how to show a property (what is totally different to the Thai way) but it did not come out (yet) 100%. Also reading / seeing too many "tip" on recording aerial videos finally ended up in having some problems with the shutter speed - meanwhile corrected. 

Also got very limited time due to weather conditions - was only able to do the 380 after a heavy rain - before and after rain we have "heavy haze" as all the rice farmers are burning their rice fields.

I am also not sure it we should show the "life feed" with the true colours of the drought or if we should do some "enhancements". But actually we do not believe in "Photoshop" styles with beautiful green park at the back whereas the house is in the middle if a dry paddy field.

Happy to here your comments ....



The according web site with more stills and fact sheet will be uploaded tomorrow....


Edi & Sam 

Isaan Property @ Virtually There Home Design & Construction

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Thanks for sharing! Beautiful villa. Making me rethink my 1 bedroom apartment here in NYC :)

I got a little dizzy those first 30 seconds. If it were me, I'd do a little more cutting so as to make the introduction more captivating to viewers. I'd also focus on smooth, stable footage. It gets a little jerky here and there. That'll come with practice. Are you flying in ATTI mode?

(cc: @Christian Tucci who is a Final Cut Pro X whiz and may have some other suggestions)

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I would agree with Alan that the 360s were a little dizzying.  It might help to slow them down somewhat.  It would also help if the surrounding area was more attractive, but there's not a lot you can do about that.  One of the traps that we fall into doing real estate aerials is that we often end up shooting roofs. Shooting lower at an angle is usually better than shooting high & looking at the roof. I understand that with other properties close by it can be difficult, but I think there may have been a shot about 30 ft over the road looking at the house.  
OK, enough kvetching (Yiddish for complaining).  Overall I think your first effort is a big winner.  It gives the viewer a real sense of the property.  The sequence is very good and the concept is terrific.  It's always hard to shoot an unfurnished house and maintain the identity of the rooms, so the floor plan overlay is a great idea.  I'm sure your next go at it will be even better.
May I ask you what you used to shoot the interior?  Is it an Osmo? The transitions were good and motion wasn't too jerky.  A little unsharp, but overall very good.

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Agreed with the above. Slow down the 360s or eliminate completely. There aren't too many uses for viewing a full 360 degrees in a video like this. If the goal is to try and show off the surrounding area, I think that is better accomplished with a static birds-eye-view shot, some nice smooth forward or sideways flying with gentle pans, or one of my favorite, a forward flying shot with camera straight down then panning up to do a reveal of the subject area.

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Nice first effort here, there are some good points above as to how to clean and polish up a little. Most of this comes with practice and experiential learning. I am a firm believer in practical goal oriented practice (in other words purpose), so a few things coming from another drone pilot and novice film editor.

One "cut on the action":  there are a lot of transitions from one shot to another where the shots themselves are just fine, but they are cut too far out of the action. What i mean to say here is that when you are planning your shots, which you should be doing, you always want to shoot through the actual shot you want; you should film and be moving prior to and after getting the actual shot you want so that when you make your cuts you can cut in or out on the actual action and not on a second or two of standing still first. These little moments of standing still in the video prior to the motion actual make it feel more disjuncted.

Two another thing i am learning as i go is knowing how much is too much, I guess what i mean is knowing what should make it in and what is not necessary. Again, a thing that comes easier with practice, but i try to think of what does this shot bring to the video, and is it necessary, does it serve a purpose or tell my story. It is all well and good to take lots of shots from interesting angles but at some point it becomes more about look at me im flying a drone than the focus of the video, showcasing real estate. I would try to keep your goal or purpose in mind when planning your shots, what does this shot bring to the purpose of the video. In wise old words it is smart to know when less is more.

Some of the other little tidbits from above, slow down the pans, slow and smooth are much more pleasant to view than a tight spiral, as this can be disorienting and even nauseating to some. Try some more oblique shots, a great one to have in your tool bag is a 30/30 shot (30 degrees above ground plane, and 30 degrees rotated clockwise or counter clockwise) this creates an interesting perspective in your photo. As to the photo-shopping i think there is a balance to be found with color correction and truthful representation, you want it to look good but not be false. 


All in all well done and definitely something i would keep practicing with!


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Hi everyone,

thank you all for taking the time to watch our video and we really appreciate your comments and tips and sorry for the late reply - I was outstation.

I was flying in P mode. I tried some 360 before; they were slow and smooth but I thought too long so I tried a “faster” one. Unfortunately it was too fast and I had to “slow it down” in Final Cut Pro but somehow it came out jerky. I tried to do a new shooting but it was too hazy already.

I like to do the 360 as it really shows the surrounding (unfortunately mostly not very attractive).

Here all properties are shown in a “beautiful green Photoshop park.”

Will work on it to get the right speed and timing, but will also try out the proposal of Christian.

Indoors I was simply using the drone walking around slowly (but still moving a bit too much left / right and back)- also have to practice more.

Scott thank you for your tip to cut out the standing still seconds.

I read about “cut on action” and I have quite some seconds before and after the shot but was not clear about what to do with this footage - thanks again. Will also try on your 30/30 shot .

Ok I know there is a long way to go and now I have some more points to practice on.


Will keep you updated.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi everybody,

warm greetings from hot Thailand. Here our 2. property video. I tried to incorporate your tips and suggestions. Unfortunately the shooting was done with the 1. video and I had no time to do a second one. So just tried to follow your comments.

The YouTube video is here: 



Will be happy for any comments - thanks 

Fly save


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Hi everybody,

thank you for your encouraging comments. Just to finish this housing project there is the 3. and last video about a smaller house - i know there is too much moving left, right, left but we had to please the owner who liked to see "more" of his property to sell - and he is paying for it.

You can find the clip here:

We have 2 new projects coming up so should I open a new topic for these projects (golf course & thai/balinesian resort}

Thanks again for taking your time to watch and comment our videos.

Warm regards from "still hot" Thiland


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Hi everybody, 

warm greetings from still hot Isaan.

Thank you again for your comments.

As mentioned we would like to do a aerial/ground video of a Championship Golf Course in Nong Khai.

We did a short “preview” and I can see some difficulties:

As active Golfer I would be interested to see the details of the fairway and especially of the green.


1: If i fly too low there is moiré on the fairway. - if I go higher the details of the fairway cannot be seen.

Imo the hight of the flight in the preview would be perfect.


2. this is significant at the greens - important for me to show the undulation of the greens.


If I watch the clip on the small screen it is ok but we would like to offer the video to the club as a “full-screen add video”


I know to slow down and avoid any fast movements will help but are there any more tips from you - maybe to use filter,,…..?

I know that I cannot compete with the PGA broadcasts but I do want to deliver a decent video which could be seen on a big screen.


So far I found only on golf course in Thailand using aerial video. You can have a look here:


What i like and sure want to implement is the interactive hole choice. Otherwise what - as an active Golfer - I dislike i that you cannot see anything of the green.


Hope you have some suggestions I would happily implement in our shooting.

Finally here our Preview on YouTube (as mentioned just a test to see how “so much grass” will affect the video):


Thank you vey much for taking your time to check on our difficulties as beginner.




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I love that that is a superlight trike with a parachute doing the video! 

@Eduard Horvath Ok, i think with the golf course i can help with a couple of ideas... The first thing i am going to suggest is that you compartmentalize your goals. First an ND filter will give a smoother cinematic look and should help somewhat with the moire on the grass. So what i am going to suggest is that you utilize a couple of different approaches here to get your desired result. From your description it sounds like you would like to have an interactive form of the map for the actual golfer while they are playing, and an advertisement / front hall video for the club house to utilize. With that in mind i would say you should shoot it as two different things, 1) the shots for the advertisement video that include an overview of the most visually distinctive and appealing aspects of the course, water, traps, and clubhouse / amenities.                                                                                                      2) the fly throughs of the holes on the course, this may take some practice and trial and error to find the height that gives you the best look, following the curve of the ball through the air is one common approach. I would also suggest that if you really are looking for a higher quality of the topology on the course you would be better to create not just fly throughs of the holes but also create an orthographic of the hole and possibly utilize 3D photogrammetry to create a 3D Mesh of the course. Depending on how complex you want to make this you could actually find someone to develop an app for the course that can match the georeferenced images used to make the orthographic photo as well as the GPS data from their phone to create a little pin of where they are and distance to hazards and pin etc. Back to the simpler side, or at least less complex, combining a flythrough, with the orthographic may give you the best / most detailed result allowing the user to consult with both a fly through FPV as well as the top down data from the ortho to inform there next shot. It will end up as a game of balance and give and take.  Sorry about the spacing here when i hit enter it will only put the return at the top for some reason.

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Thank you very much for your input and sorry for the delay in my answer as we were heavily affected by a big storm which cut down power supply for more than 4 days (no power - no water, no light, no ac and no internet in the house)

So we moved quickly to Laos for another project and when starting the golf course project I will see how much i can incorporate of you suggestions and tips.

Will keep you updated and thank you very much again for cutting down my "learning curve" sharply.

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