Frustration Over Drone Sighting Reports at Airports | Possible Drone Sighting at Newark Airport

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Reports of possible drone sightings temporarily halted flights at Newark Airport in NJ last week; however, the reports have yet to be confirmed, and some are suspecting the sightings weren’t drones at all.

Drone industry insiders are frustrated with the increasing number of reports that drones are shutting down airports with little to no proof that drones were actually involved.

Fingers aren’t to be pointed at those calling in to report what they think may be suspicious activity by a drone. Unauthorized and rogue drones operated outside of the parameters set by FAA regulations could pose a real safety threat and should indeed be reported. Rather, the frustration is directed toward the haste with which public media pins reports of any object spotted near an airport on drones before the sightings are confirmed.

Read more about the Newark incident and the drone community's reaction in "Drone Industry Insiders Frustrated by Yet Another Unreliable Drone Sighting Report, This Time at Newark Airport in New Jersey."

We'd like to hear your thoughts on the alleged drone sightings at Newark Airport and your ideas about how the drone industry can prevent these types of incidents from occurring in the future. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Industry leaders are implementing strict geofencing solutions that won't even allow their drones to fly in those areas. That has sparked some controversy, both by those who believe drone flight should be unrestricted and by those who argue that the geofencing mechanism is not strong enough and can be bypassed. Of course, this doesn't address lower-end drones that have no such safety features at all. Perhaps these locations should also consider implementing counter-UAS systems...

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