Where are your favorite places to fly a drone?

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Hi there fellow drone pilots. 

We're working on a resource here at UAV Coach to help drone pilots find places to fly their drones legally in the U.S.

Sometimes, you may think your neighborhood park is the perfect place to take out your drone, only to find out there's a local ordinance there against it. With cities more commonly creating their own local drone rules on top of FAA regulations, it has become harder to find places to fly. 

How have you worked around this, and what drone-friendly flight locations have you discovered? We'd love to receive feedback from those of you who actively participate in this community forum. 

So, go ahead and drop a comment below with your favorite places to fly a drone.

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@Isabella | UAV Coach

I still say a park will always be the safest and convenient place to fly a drone, especially when starting out. 

I recommend that it is always best to fly where there aren't a lot of people when starting because there are fewer people to both you. 

This app/website is the best resource for checking on airspace at least from the FAA standpoint: https://faa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=9c2e4406710048e19806ebf6a06754ad
Hope this helps!
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Richmond, VA (RVA) is one of my favorite places to fly both day and night.  Most of downtown with the exception of some US park areas, and a helipad or two allows for almost complete freedom to fly.  Rivers, trains, cityscapes and historic buildings make it interesting.  Most of the Richmond (RIC) class C is to the east of the city.

Gallery at www.dronesixsolutions.com


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In the NY/NJ area I have a simple plan.

I go to the county Public Golf Courses during the winter (when they are completely closed)

I go the Public Ski resorts during the summer when they are also closed.

No one ever bothers me, because no one is there for activities.

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