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Good Day to All,

very simple question which i have faced recently once i decided i would like to take my hobby up to the next level ( commercial )

here is my question : i assume there must be rule(s) to naming the business; e.g. the name cannot be identical to an existing business name. 

Do i conduct my name search across my State, across the whole of the US, or across the whole world. ?

over the past couple of weeks i have conducted my search using a popular search engine. it is very difficult to come up with a unique name not clashing with others across the world ! there has simply got to be geographic/legal boundaries to the search.

thoughts ?


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Get an attorney and incorporate. 

What business do you plan to start?  This appears to be your first, depending on your location, the type of business, are you providing a product or service, will you have employees etc.?  

There are different requirements depending on the State your in.  How you incorporate is important.  I see a lot of commercial UAV companies do an LLC, is some States that might give you a tax pass through but it won’t protect your personal assets.  

The name search and trade marks are vetted in the incorporation process.  You don’t have to incorporate, that depends on what your doing and your aversion to losing everything you own.  We’re in the the Democrattically Controlled Republic of California where at the least you will be fined for filling out a form incorrectly (that’s a good day), to the worst where your assets are seized and your bank account forfeited for landing on a protected weed you knew nothing about of flying too close to a delta smelt that hasn’t existed in decades..  

Either way it’s a good idea if you attend things like Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Start Up mixers and network with other aspiring business owners to try and find a professional attorney, accountant or local SBA that can help you better understand the process.  

The more you understand going into this the likelier you’ll be successful.  


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Thank you Av8Chuck for providing a genral framework for possible steps ahead in taking my hobby to a business.

I am in contact with an attorney, as you have suggested, and the LLC path is the intended one. I understand that in NY State, at least, that places a barrier between business and personal assets.

Thank you.

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