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I am flying an X8 heavy lift drone so stability and reliability are a must.  Currently it has been getting by just fine with a Naza V2 but I have always looked to upgrade the flight controller one day.  I figured Pixhawk would be the way to go, but that was a year or two back.  Is Pixhawk still the go to flight controller? Or are there some better ones out there that won’t break the bank? 

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I would say that the Pixhawk 2.1 (the cube) is still the go to flight controller. There has been some newer ones but "the Cube" has been around a few years now and so has a proven record. You might want to check out this post for more details.

Note: I think Philip (ProfiCNC) that designed that flight controller recently dropped the name Pixhawk and now just call it the Cube".



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3DR has not manufactured Pixhawks for more than three years so any Pixhawk purchased today is a Pixhawk in name only and probably manufactured in China. Jordy, one of the founders of 3DR is manufacturing original Pixhawks at mRobotics but keep in mind this is an old flight controller.  

Because of what happened with the SOLO the Pixhawk2 release was held up for more than a year. The provenance of the “cube” is questionable and it too is old.  It never really lived up to the hype but you have to give Phillip Rowse credit for seeing it through to production.  People have been flying it for a couple of years and those that like it, mostly people into DIY, love it and those more accustomed to plug-n-play controllers not so much.  

The X2 was developed to be a replacement for the Pixhawk and was a solid controller.  The X2.1 upgraded many of the components and became a much better controller than the Pixhawk and now the X2.1.7 is an upgrade that is much better than the Cube with an F7 professor, although it is not available yet.  The other nice thing about it is that Jordy at mRo is manufactung it as well.  

I think the lineage of the Pixhawk has been continued much better in the X2.1 than the Cube and it’s a controller you can trust.  

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