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I can highly recommend the Adobe CC photography plan. This includes photoshop and lightroom.

I can't even begin to describe the difference lightroom makes! My main focus is photoshop - things like photo manipulation, but I still switch to lightroom for that touch you simply don't get with photoshop. When I do photo shoot production, I run through thousands of photos in a short time using lightroom, and get much better results than on photoshop.

Lighroom is just for enhancements, but it does a phenomenal job at it.

Affinity photo is another fantastic option for you. It's a once-off payment unlike Adobe's monthly subscription.

Here is some additional information:

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There are many real estate photographers available in the market but, Klapty virtual tours will give your business a powerful boost by enhancing the uniqueness. It helps create fully immersive 3D Virtual House tours, curated walkthroughs, and AR floor plans using 360° photos, 3D rendered images, and fully textured assets.
Here are the basic features:

It has revolutionized the way to create and publish virtual tours.
Create your tour in a few minutes and attract new clients easily, quickly, and for free. 

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