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Noo-B from Central VA, USA

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Howdy all, 

JJ from Central VA, USA.  Cramming now for my AKT on 14-Feb.Â đŸ˜±Â  the weather/micrometeorology has been my biggest downfall during practice tests.  Anyway, still learning tons of how the sum of all the parts fit together, and the best Apps to use for certain missions.  I am an artist (acrylics painter), photographer and graphic designer.  I want to fly both recreationally and commercially and grab spectacular shots in certain state parks that allow commercial permits to be obtained. Maybe do real estate as well, but mostly in it for the stunning footage and photography pieces to enhance my fine art for sale collections.  I'm still learning how to fly this gizmo..  I chose the Karma due to flexibility in the entire platform of removing the camera, using the grip, etc.  I've been using go pros since the Hero3Black.  my Karma has the H6B.

lots of q's, so i'll look around here and see what i can see.

cheers and safe flying!

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Welcome to the forum.  

There are threads on the forum for aerial photography and cinematography, it would be great if you could share some of your work there.  It doesn’t all have to be aerial, maybe it’s art inspired by aerial or whatever you like.  

Its always nice to see the work of talented people.

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