Is LAANC authorization via Airmap down for you, too?

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I fly in PHX's class B about every week. Friday I tried, didn't get a text, and Airmap said "authorization rejected." So I tried in a couple other LAANC active airspaces that I've flown in before (Scottsdale and Denver). Same rejected msg. Same issue today.

 I've started a ticket with Airmap... can anyone test as well? Thanks.

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1 hour ago, Philip Moore said:

Hey @Kemper

A good alternative is 

Just tried Kittyhawk for the first time yesterday and it worked! Still can't get Airmap working. Stinks... 75 flights then it stopped. I'm working with their support.


Now I just need Kittyhawk to support LAANC authorizations on the Android app! Works fine on the iPad, though.

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@Alan Perlman @Kemper I did not know that Kittyhawk was not Android compatible.

The one upgrade I wish they could enhance is to track flights from flying apps outside of DJI GO. I use Airdata when I have to use dronedeploy, litchi, or autopilot, but it would be nice to have everything under one roof.

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