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We are using Mapir2 NDVI camera for data collection. Currently we are using  Columbus GPS V990 v2 for geotagging. We also have the trigger cable for Mapir 2 camera but not able to use it with the current GPS.  Is there any way to use the Advanced GPS which is being used to trigger Mapir 3 camera with my current Mapir 2 camera ?

The official message from Mapir is that their new GPS Trigger isnt compatible for Survey 2 camera. Is there any way to make both these work together.  

I have also tried searching results on using the instruments I have to accomplish but failed.Went through forum posts for my answers but it all ended up without results.

Thanks in advance
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Hi ,

Yes there is a way to trigger the camera from the flight controller :

We are using DJI phantom 4 Pro Flight controller and we attach the Survey 2 Camera to the DJI pantom 4 Pro Drone using the mount.

We have checked on the pixhawk controller and we arent sure yet to get and use the controller as we would be flying at a minimum height of 500ft and the range wouldnt be accessible for the controller.Moreover we are trying to figure a solution to automate the process(Auto collection of the Data),there should be a sync in DJI camera and Survey 2 Camera,So that mosaic becomes convenient.

Thanks in Advance.

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