New Amazon Patent Reveals Details of Possible Drone Delivery Location Verification System

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An Amazon patent recently published online entitled “Drone Marker and Landing Zone Verification” reveals the system the company might use both for guiding delivery drones to their destination and for verifying that the location where a delivery is made is the correct one.

The system can spot obstacles to a delivery, and also proposes various methods for the final handoff of the package (that is, getting the package to the recipient's door and not just to the recipient's house).

Read today's article to learn more about Amazon's new drone delivery patent and other patents the company has secured to help them in making drone deliveries a reality.

What do you think—is Amazon's new patent indication of progress on the technological front, or do we still have a long way to go in developing the technology needed to make drone deliveries a reality?

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If every recipient lived with an acre of open ground around them MIGHT work. The variables for obstacles in the typical U.S. neighborhood are in the thousands. Impractical. Jeff thinks everyone has space?

What is so special about your purchase it needs to not only put tens of thousands out of work but also fill the air with drone pollution?

The path to homes will have drones over peoples/childrens heads! and there will be accidents not to mention the miscreants who will love taking shots at them.

Maybe better in remote areas and medical deliveries?

Tech thinks there is one future and it belongs to them and their 'thinking' Maybe the future was already here and we had most systems already working? No need to take what works and manipulate it into complexity. 

Amazon doesn't know what to do with all that money so they do this! People NEED jobs and a purpose, Amazon is taking them away from other areas.You think you solve one problem only to create something bigger.Stop and think instead of rushing headlong into this non stop mega monopoly filling the air with buzzing tech bees dropping off your new pair of shoes.

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I believe that Amazon is addressing a critical component of the drone delivery logistics chain.  But, there will be many other solutions that will serve each niche and technology scenario.  More options should be invented and tested before the best solutions are adopted.   This industry has only just started to develop.

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