Contixo f18 repair. I'm stuck like chuck.

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Okay so I have a contixo f18 .really great drone the only thing is I get too confident long story short, I was doing a Night Flight and hit a power line made the Drone flip and land in the road there was a little damage the body was a little bent and motor A in the back was damaged. So they got a new shell and a new motor. Put it all together and that back motor still does not work so I got another motor thinking that I just had a bad motor but I'm getting the same thing all other Motors work the GPS works I can calibrate the Drone. the connection between that motor and the Bord are good. I'm just stumped I don't know where to go from here if I could get some advice or some help some ideas kind a point me in the right direction it would be really appreciated I've been into drones for a few years now my wife got me a drone for Christmas and I lost the Drone it flew away on me so I started buying and selling drones to buy more drones for myself I can do repairs like fixing Motors and stuff like that but this is a little beyond my scope of knowledge anyway thank you

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