Does anyone know a good place to get unassembled drones?

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I buy and sell drones I also fix them up a little bit if it's in my scope of knowledge basically I'm looking for a place to buy unassembled drones not Do It Yourself Drones not like those kind of kids like that except for say hubsan or contixo I'm also looking for a good place to get drones wholesale but every wholesale say I see it's just the crappy cheap unnamed brands crap drones I would eventually like to make a living off of buying and selling drones working on them I'm just still in the process of getting my resources together which is why I'm on here asking you guys these questions this form is awesome I appreciate all your guy's help thanks so much

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Where are you located?

It sounds like your interested in becoming a reseller and possibly a system integrator for UAVs. 

Unfortunately that sort of channel doesn't really exist in the commercial UAV industry.  ALL of the consumer brands have decimated any semblance of a channel so support is really the gating factor to their growth and they aren't willing to provide enough margin to support a channel.

This is partly a generational thing, millennial companies like DJI think they can provide all the necessary support via the internet and use PC's as examples of how its supposed to work.  I guess they haven't noticed that neither Apple or IBM are computer manufacturers anymore, their consumer electronics companies.  

As an integrator you need a platform that can be reconfigured to be a purpose built solution for specific payloads and applications.  To accomplish that they need to be open and extensible.  Anyone who figured this out have changed business models to supply the services rather than products.  That's why possibly your best hope is actually the DIY market.

Anyway, good luck and let us know what you find.

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I'm in Washington State and thank you for your reply by the way I've been into drones for a few years now and just can't seem to get enough of them I started buying and selling them to pay for my habit basically I'm just looking for the cheapest place to get a quality drone Like contixo or hubsan. Or even if I couldn't get them unassembled get them at a bulk rate so yeah I guess resale would be more the goal it's just every site I go to to try to find them his crap they just sell crap drones lol

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