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Good Morning From Nepal,
I am a complete beginner in the Drone Industry and I would like to get a Pilot Licence and learn how to fly with practical trainings.
I am native french, living between Europe and South Asia and developing my social ventures in Women&Girls Health, Women Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Ecosystems for the remote areas of the Himalaya's Mountains, later for the Andean Mountains and Southern Africa too.
I would like to learn to use the Medical Drone Technology for the following purposes
- to monitor women health living in very remote areas (rural, mountains with no proper access to roads) or sensitive areas (armed conflicts zone, refugee camps..)
- to do some aerial mapping of remote villages in Nepal and Sub-Saharan Africa to localize vulnerable populations with no access to healthcare facilities and girls in danger in terms of gender based violence, child marriage...
- to deliver emergency blood supplies, lab samples,  emergency and prevention vaccination ...
- to monitor water quality in the Himalaya Mountains/ Andean Mountains
- to monitor Global Warming, Climate Change and impacts in terms of Floodings, landslides in desert areas or mountains areas and of course impacts it has on Population's Health.
I am not an engineer so I cannot build the drone and the technology associated to it but it is an idea that I have in mind since last year as it could be game-changing if I could develop this company for bring remote health care to Women and Girls in low income countries .
For that I would need either to do a partnership with Drone Companies or design a Drone with Innovation Centers across the world.
I would like to have my own drones too, to learn and practice but I have no clue which one would help me to achieve my ambitious goals. Maybe I have to be different one's.
I would be very pleased to be connected with your entire community. I will be back in Europe mid-march to register my organizations and then will travel to USA two weeks during April.
To start:
-Could you let me know how I can start studying for the Drone Licence in March?
- Then how could I attend a 2-hour training with your team in USA?
- And  Which drone should I buy as I am a beginner but want to become very advanced as I will use it for my activities, not only hobbies?
Thanks for reading me! And I would be very grateful if the Drone Community could help me to achieve this project as I work in challenging settings and cannot achieve anything alone.I will need a great team around me.
Have a great day.
Mob UK  (Whats app): +44 7956442162
Skype :sletessier0506

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Namaste, Stephanie — I lived in Kathmandu back in 2006. Great city and was blessed to be able to come back and visit again in 2009 for a few days. I imagine it's changed a lot in the last 10 years.

Each country regulates its airspace differently. Here's a list of drone laws, organized by country:

In the U.S., we have an FAA Part 107 test prep program that you can use to study online, but ultimately you'd have to take your exam at a testing facility. Here's a list of test centers:

Happy to set you up with one of our local drone flight training instructors during your trip to the U.S. — here's a list of locations where our instructors conduct training:

As far as which drone to buy, given the use cases you wrote out, I'd take a look at a company called DJI. They own about 70-80% of the commercial drone market and have some great models that would be a good fit for you. More info on other camera drone models here:


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Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for your very clear and structured answer. It helps me a lot, especially when being a Newbie and in the context where I am working now : disorganized.

I will set up everything when I am back from Nepal beginning of March and will try to take the exam and do the training in April when I will travel in USA.

I will try to buy a drone as well if I can, before coming.

According Nepalese people living in Kathmandu, life was better before in the Capital City and the Earthquake in 2015 didn't help.

So I think it might have changed a lot. The first time I went there was in 2017 so I cannot really tell about what it looked like in 2006 and 2009.

Cheers, Stephanie



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