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FAA Releases Final Simulator Time Rule

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On April 12th the FAA released the Final Rule on flight simulator training under Part 61. The rule allows Part 61 instrument students to log up to 10 hours in basic training devices, and up to 20 hours in advanced devices, with the combined total not to exceed 20 hours.

While the regulations regarding commercial operations, Part 107, have not been finalized, the increased use of simulators in other areas has interesting implications for sUAS. Given the influx of so many commercial drone operators, wouldn't the shortest path to a certificate be a computer based drone flight simulator?

Even if the only commercial sUAS operators are the ones who have, or have applied for an exemption, that is still over 10,000 individuals that would need to be evaluated and certified. FAA examiners would need to be trained and tested and then appointments would need to be made for everyone to get certified. This would be a huge bottleneck in the system. Now, if we used a computer based solution, like the droneSim Pro drone flight simulator, it would be available at testing sites around the country, or even online. Operators would not need to bring their aircraft to a testing site, would not need to worry about weather, and would not need to coordinate schedules with an examiner for an additional fee.

A simulator also allows for more exact testing because we could record or monitor flight parameters and not have to guess what they actually are. A training/evaluation report would be generated and used for approval.

The published Final Rule can be found here.

More information about the simulator, can be found on our website (www.droneSimPro.com)

Safe flying!

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