Hi from San Antonio (for now). Let's giddee up!


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Hi everyone. You might expect me to say howdy, but I’m not a native Texan.  Lived most of my 46 years in the midwest and northeast US.  My name is Brett and I’m a life-long airplane and flying geek.  Turned my passionate hobbies with R/C airplanes and model rockets into two aerospace engineering degrees and an exciting career in the aerospace, defense, and aviation industries.  After I barely survived a nasty hang gliding accident, but that’s a story for another time…


In recent years I’ve become a dedicated student and advocate of innovation from all directions—technology, business, and complex systems.  I’ve launched and delivered projects with 3-D printing, advanced electronics, crowdfunding, websites, books, online business & products, among other fun things.


Now I focus on doing projects of all kinds as a certified project manager (PMP), especially those that focus on aerospace, aviation, and online media.


I realized that if I don’t enter the arena of commercial drones, I will be kicking myself in 20 years.  Not that you care about or need my opinion, but I’m betting my career on the fact that we are at the comparable beginning of the dot-com era for commercial UAVs.  And if you need some discussion or help with the strategic dot-com side of your UAV business, I would love to provide some tips and help. ;-)


You should expect to see some posts from me about business plan development, market research, finding customers, online tools, best business innovation practices and methods applied to the UAV space… What's your big questions or challenges on those topics?  Let's talk--I’m looking to make the best and biggest impact I can in this exciting sector of the aviation world. 

UAVs are going to be the largest driver of growth in the aviation industry for the next 20+ years, I’m convinced.  Some silly people are saying it’s too crowded and too late to get started, but they are way off the mark.  We are now in the Wild West of commercial drones, which only proves that there’s still a lot of gold in them thar hills—and it’s time for us to giddee up!!


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Welcome to the community @BrettRocketSci, sounds like you have a lot of valuable experience that will be much welcome here! I am sure lots of members will be very interested into your insights into business developments, as well as, your many other areas of expertise. If you have any drone related questions you need answered you've come to the right place!

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