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Hi All,

I am putting together a manual for my business - it covers all areas of business and flight operations, including a flight log.  I am wondering what others in our community are doing for flight logs - do you just use the files you download from your smartphone?  I am currently planning on using a combination of a spreadsheet where I record the purpose of the flight, location, client, time, battery used, etc, along with the associated flight log files downloaded from iTunes (i use an iPhone with my DJI controller and Phantom 3 Pro drone).  I am planning on building a business primarily around equipment inspections, though that may evolve over time based on market forces.  What are you using?  Why does it work for you?  I'd really appreciate the benefit of your experience.


- Derrick

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Greetings, Derrick

I'm more is the KISS school of thought on this (keep it simple, stupid). I use a UAV Pilot Logbook from Parhelion Aerospace. It's about 9" x 5" and slips easily into my drone carrying case so it's with me whenever I'm out flying. The logbook has spaces for everything you mentioned --though of course you can't download drone files into it.


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Airdata has a extensive list of features that covers everything up to and including battery temps and wind profiles. They do have a free account and the files are downloadable.

You could start there and take the information you need and start your own log book. It does get tedious doing it yourself with all the batteries and updates etc.

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