Ultimate business plan for drone company

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Hey guys how's it going,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a link or even screen shot of a business plan that I had ran across. Maybe someone ran across the same link at some point. There was a fella that had a post, possibly a blog post or page from a website....it was called "The Ultimate Business Plan For Your Drone Company" I believe that's how he titled the article. It was perfect, short, sweet and to the point. Thought I ran across it in a link in a drone deploy article, though unsure. I had it bookmarked or possibly screen shotted. Just ran across it again last week. YET , i spent 2 hours scouring pulling my hair out looking for it. No luck. Out of all my organization in getting my business up and running being very diligent creating folders with links, I'm baffled and very frustrated about this. Sure I could create something, have in the past, yet this was slick and absolutely perfect as a template that he created very specific for a drone  company. All all I'm gaining traction, got my part 107(big thanks to UAV Coach), 2 phantom 4 Pro's and created my LLC. Getting ready to order up a Ronin S next. Then onto actually collaborating a few demo reels for my targeted audience so I can launch a website and social media marketing and put myself out there. Though unfortunately in the Midwest during the winter isn't exactly prime weather for suitable footage. Anyways, yeah, if anyone has an idea or seen the same info I'm referencing above it would be so greatly appreciated to point me back....LOL. TIA!!!

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