How to know if a lipo battery is dead

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I want to know when I need to replace my lipo batteries. How do I figure out when I have a bad battery, that needs to be thrown away or if my UAV needs replaced?

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I started to write a post for you and realized it was actually not very appropriate. I know enough to get you very hurt if I assume you know anything at all; Lipos are very dangerous! I have enough experience to know that my answers could get your face burnt off if you do not respect them properly. In fact I have had to research, implement and enforce Lipo safety protocol for a small division of Lockheed Martin and it was not always easy.

However Google is your friend and RC Groups is your peer group if you need to learn about all this and so much more. I did not even finish reading this one page I googled so I cannot attest to any of it; A little leaven ruins the whole loaf. It might be a good start though:


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