DroneSeed Partners with The Nature Conservancy to Restore Oregon Rangelands Using Unique Drone Swarms

Zacc Dukowitz

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DroneSeed—a drone company that uses drone swarms to accelerate reforestation by planting and protecting trees—is in the news again, this time with plans to help restore rangelands affected by invasive species in Oregon through a partnership with The Nature Conservancy.

A few months back DroneSeed made headlines for their first-of-its kind waiver from the FAA, which allows them to fly heavy-lift drones weighing greater than 55 pounds in swarms of up to five drones at a time. Each one of DroneSeed's drones can carry up to 57 pounds of seeds, and can weigh as much as 115 pounds.

Read today's article to learn more about DroneSeed's partnership with the Nature Conservancy in Oregon, as well as how drones could be hugely impactful in restoration efforts throughout the globe.

What do you think about drone swarms and their potential for helping with conservation work? Chime in here to share your thoughts!



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