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C. Curtis

Hi - new pilot doing SAR

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HI - I am a member of a Search and Rescue unit in Maine, and have recently joined the York County UAS team. We have meetings about once a month. As a volunteer, I can use a privately-owned drone for SAR as long as a 107 pilot is supervising the search, but  to use the County-owned drones (some of which have neat features such as FLIR cameras), I have to get a 107 license - which is how I found this site. I look forward to learning a lot here!

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Greetings from oHIo!

My DW (darling wife, however the 'D' stands for other things periodically, says I flunked retirement.

I am a retired insurance agent now working as a CAT adjuster on large storms.  As with many industries, the insurance industry is moving toward AI, BIG DATA, and NEW TECHNOLOGY. I foresee drones as playing a big role in this shift providing a rapid response and a better customer experience in claim handling. 

In the early 70s, I bought one of the first PCs, writing my own programs, as software was mostly unavailable.

Once again, I find myself on the leading edge of a new TECHNOLOGY. 

I am currently preparing for my Part 107 license.  Returning to an exhibit at McCormic Pl and AUVSI XPONENTIAL would be a tremendous opportunity  to learn and share ideas with fellow "DRONERs".

Al Smith


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