how to spray via drone on 2 hector land

Felix Phindela

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Hi Felix

I have some experience with crop spraying by helicopter, and also crop spraying drones,  but not one like yours. I found that most of the crop spraying drones do a pretty crappy job with lots of patchiness, and are often more problematic than they are worth. 

The best crop spraying drone I have worked with is by for the XAG P series, its quite pricey but definitely the only one that truly delivers a uniform spray pattern, and lives up to its efficiency rates. I think the key is that it has RTK GPS, so it is able to keep its line very accurately, and can even do spot spraying on individual trees. I believe that there are over 30 000 of them in operation in China, where they are the go to platform for spraying. Also has nice and easy pilot controls. no RC skills necessary.

check out

and for more info on them

The DJI is also okay and a bit cheaper, there are quite a few guys spraying with them in our area with some good and some not so good results. They do seem to have a few more issues for what I hear, and are not quite as durable. 

Let me know how you get on with yours. where are you based and what are you farming?

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It's varies with type of crop and drone used. Skills of the drone pilot also matter. In order to get all  the things done in a right manner you  have keep in mind.

Select the right drone. Drone should be handled in a very professional way. Always follow the specifications and instruction issued by DJI or any respective authority. 

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