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Hi All, 

Am trying to get more traffic to my web-site ( and am considering the use of google ads to attract real-estate, construction, and inspection types of clients.  Was wondering if any of you have tried or are using this service?  If so would appreciate your thoughts on the subject and other approaches you may have tried to drive traffic to your web-site.  Thanks in advance - Tom

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We use Google Ads — it's a big sales channel for our online FAA Part 107 test prep course., but that's because we were able to make the economics work. And, two years into it, we're constantly making tweaks, bid adjustments, etc. We've got an agency that we use for all of this, but if there's anything I've learned about using Google Ads, it's that it's very much an active channel that needs to be managed. And the economics don't always work, but it's fun when they do.

My gut tells me that it wouldn't be a good use of energy or funds to be promoting your aerial services w/ Google Ads...and that you can get higher quality targeting through LinkedIn, Facebook, and a masterfully-built funnel where you're not just sending someone to your home page, or to a buy-now page...but to a free piece of content that helps them better understand the 'why' behind drones in their specific industry. Like you're taking out LinkedIn ads or doing targeting prospecting to folks in the construction industry...maybe you have a free branded report or video that shows the ROI of using drones in construction, or you're running a free Q&A webinar where you're interviewing one of your other construction clients. There's a TON of strategy around this stuff — when it comes to marketing, I like to advise companies that it's really important to have set up the party before the guests arrive. If you turn on paid ads and are getting guests into your house, but you haven't thought through what food you'll be serving, where the coats are going to be put, etc. then it's not an optimal situation.

Hope these thoughts help! I'm not an Adwords expert by any means, and while we rely on it in our business I know from experience that it's not a great fit for everyone.

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Adwords can get expensive real quick if you don't know what you are doing. It seems simple to setup but you can easily spend hundreds of dollars without seeing any return. 

There's a lot of tweaking and little tricks you can do to optimize your campaigns. Best to talk to a specialist. 



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