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Hello.  I’m wanting to get into fpv drones.  What would you suggest as a good starting transmitter and drone to get my feet wet?  I’m thinking about getting the evolution turnigy transmitter. Also thinking about maybe the fry sky light or the Taranis q7. I’m also thinking of the Mobula 7 whoop drone.  I’m open to any suggestions. 

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It kinda depends on where you want to fly, I think the Q7 along with the Mobula 7 is a great place to start. I have two Mobula 7s and I love them both, one has been modded like crazy. I would first start out with 1S and work your way up to 2S. Be sure to buy some extra frames, props, and batteries. There is a video out there that will show you how to limit the M7's throttle so it is a bit tamer, something you might want to look into.

This info is from another site, but I found it helpful...

Brushless micros:

  • Best indoors: Tinyhawk
  • Jack of all trades: Mobula 7
  • Best outdoors: Trashcan




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