Creating a National Roster of Certified Remote Pilots for my company

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My name is Silvio Facchin, I am a UAV alumni, a Certified Remote Pilot and a Certified Legal Video Specialist.

The company I work for, TSG Reporting, Inc. is in the process of adding aerial inspections to our line of legal video services.

Because we are a national company, we need to be able to provide all our services in all States. It is because of this requirement that I need to create a roster of  Certified Remote Pilots and the locations they cover.

If you are interested, please send me an email with your company information, areas you cover and prices to 

Please, understand that this is the first phase of this process; it is intended to gather information and include you on our roster for possible work in the future.

Thank you so much for your time!

TSG Reporting


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Hi Silvio, my name is Michael Hanson and I am a recent NY/LI transplant to the Orlando/Kissimmee area of Florida. I saw your posting for creating a roster of Certified Remote Pilots for TSG Reporting and believe I can get in on the ground floor down here in Florida. I have drone experience and am now studying for the FAA 107 certification which should happen soon. I also had studied to be a legal video specialist and had all the A/V equipment but because of other obligations never got around to operating it. I enclose my e-mail if you need to reach me.

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Hi Michael,

please, let me know if you decide to pursue your certification and become a CLVS, we are always looking to add people to our legal videographers' list. Also, let me know if you pass the test and get 107 certified. Thank you.

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