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I`m relatively new to the drone world, looking for mentorship to start a new career flying drones after I retire in a couple of years 

I`m prior service and currently working at USPS and  residing in Federal Way Wa.  I acquired my part 107 FAA CERTIFICATION but I`ve done nothing with, it but I would like to start now.

looking for a good RC park to train at  and a club to join I`ll take any help or assistance to get started 

I recently purchased the C Fly dream Gimbled Drone only to find out I need a 5G cell phone to operate it, my phone is only a 4G. once again I`m learning the hard way, can somebody point me in the right direction in my moment of self sabotage.

Oh and I forgot to add I`m new to using a forum so I may need a little guidance in this area as we

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forgot to add more info
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Hello @Jacques the newbee and welcome to this forum.

I don't believe that the 5G is referring to the new generation of cell phone technology but the WiFI frequency of 5 Gigahertz instead of 2.4 Gigahertz. For example some WiFi routers will support both 2.4 Gig and 5 Gig as 5 tends to be less crowded and so less venerable to interference. Since on these small drones the controller is a typically a smart phone I think you should be ok if you phone can operate at that WiFi frequency. 

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5.8 & 2.4 are the frequencies that your Remote broadcast and receive controller inputs and video downlink. 

You'll find that while the 5.8 freq is less crowded, it also operates for shorter distances. However, in crowded urban areas where Internet wireless usage is high the 5.8 freq may be the better option.

Your UAV may have one or both freq available to you, your user manual will have more on that.

If your having signal trouble, try the parabolic antenna signal boosters. They are inexpensive and do help with signal distance. 

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