Can I fly on a temp 107?

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I passed my 107 test and my temporary cert is in the system. I have a few potential opportunities to use my drone for work related items.


Am I allowed to “work” with a temp ticket?

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Hey @JohnyWalter — I'm not seeing a picture of your IACRA application.

But yes, even if the certificate is 'pending,' you are cleared to fly as an FAA-certificated remote pilot.

@David Blezard — interesting that the instructor told you could fly under 107 as soon as you pass the exam. That's incorrect. You need to wait 24-48 hours for the test score to make its way into the FAA's IACRA system, then you have to fill out that 10-15 minute application. THEN, you have to wait for 1) either the FAA to email you letting you know that the temporary certificate has been issued or 2) you can log into IACRA on your own semi-regularly to check whether or not your certificate is in a 'pending' status. Often that happens long before the FAA issues an email.

Hope that helps to clarify!


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Most apps to fly/log ask for your cert # once you specify that you want to fly/log/register a UAV under Part 107. Are there not red flags leaving this blank until a temp license pending is confirmed and a permanent remote pilot license number is given? If so, what number is used until that RPL# is given? Thanks for all you do, Alen!! 👍👍

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