New DJI Terra Mapping Software

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Today, drone hardware giant DJI announced a new venture into the software side of the drone market with DJI Terra—a software tool that transforms drone data into digital 3D models and maps for easy analysis and decision making.

How will DJI compete with other companies like DroneDeploy, Pix4D, and 3DR, who for years have focused on software as their primary offering? In this regard, DJI is the new player on the court.

The limited compatibility of DJI Terra may hinder DJI’s ability to truly compete with other software providers just yet. At this time, DJI Terra is only compatible with Phantom 4 Series drones. However, the robust mapping software offers many of the same features as those offered by the competition, such as real-time mapping and tools to facilitate data analysis and communication across teams. Plus, DJI has leveraged its existing strength in flight path planning by integrating three mission planning types into the all-in-one mapping solution.

Take a look at DJI Terra’s complete features and capabilities in today's post: DJI Announces Their First Venture into Drone Mapping Software: DJI Terra

Tell us what you think about DJI Terra in the comments below. 

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This is another example of how DJI does not understand the value of data.  They aren’t the only ones. 

Realtime mapping and accuracy are anathema to one another.  What you get when attempting to do aerial mapping without ground control and in real time is a pretty picture not worth the paper it’s printed on. 

When it comes to creating 3D point clouds for engineering work what they are claiming is not possible for any of the software mentioned.  The bulk of our work is 3D and we use  eight of the most powerful GPU’s available and these models take WEEKS to render.

This is the kind of hype that leads to the failure of the commercial drone industry.  Engineers who work for utilities and DOTs etc., buy a DJI, believing this drivel they try to use it professionally and when they are not succesful they think “drones” are incapable of delivering the quality data they need.  

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